F. Scott Fitzgerald
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In Defense of the Greatness of the Gatsby
14 May 2013 // 6:20 PM

Kathryn Schulz’s failure to appreciate F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterwork, as professed on Vulture.com, is a contemporary case study for how not to assess literature.

The Pop Culture Death Trap Part 2: The Death of Beauty
24 Feb 2013 // 5:10 PM

Despite having seen it all before – the rock star and the blonde actress – we look on each such instance of celebrity death with the same mixture of surprise, curiosity, horror, and glee. Pop culture reflects our capacity to simultaneously ignore death and make of it an obsession.


Occupy Literature: New York from Melville to the Beats
9 Oct 2012 // 6:14 PM

Before Occupy Wall Street rattled the money merchants, Herman Melville and the Beats shook the city's foundation with gumption and glee.

We All End Up in Diapers: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
29 Jul 2009 // 4:59 PM

Comparing the book to the film, it’s as if Fitzgerald laid just the foundation, and from that Roth built a multi-storied house.


Nine Booze-Soaked Books
17 Sep 2009 // 8:37 AM

Putting aside obvious selections like Charles R. Jackson’s The Lost Weekend, Malcolm Lowry’s harrowing Under the Volcano, or essentially anything written by Charles

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'The Chamber' Keeps the Drama and Suspense Going

// Short Ends and Leader

"The Chamber is the filmic equivalent of a fairground ride, the stimulation of emotion over ideas.

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