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The 100 Best Albums of the 2000s: 100-81
5 Oct 2014 // 9:14 PM

PopMatters' picks for the best albums of the 2000s begins with a series of albums that spans epic metal, ornate indie folk, and a terrifying work of electronic music.

Keep It in Motion: An Interview with Guided by Voices' Tobin Sprout
28 Apr 2013 // 6:14 PM

Tobin Sprout has been one of the most important songwriting voices for a long while, part of Guided By Voices' "classic lineup" if you will. Now, with the band's fourth post-reunion album just getting released, Sprout talks to PopMatters about why he left the band to begin with, being inspired by Brian Epstein's death, and his surprising side-career with children's literature.


Guided by Voices: Please Be Honest
25 Apr 2016 // 2:32 AM

Guided by Voices keep doing whatever it is they've been doing.

Robert Pollard: Of Course You Are
3 Mar 2016 // 9:14 PM

Of Course You Are is a succinct reminder of Robert Pollard's lyrical penmanship.


Losing My Religion: Revealing the Hollow Reality of Lo-Fi
23 Jul 2010 // 2:00 AM

This whole lo-fi thing, in its current form, is an affectation—a performance, a pose, the indie community’s response to “Vogue”. And this upcoming Guided By Voices tour will only enhance the performative aspects of the supposedly authentic aesthetic they have been championed for canonizing.

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'Doom' Is Not a Title, It's a Name

// Moving Pixels

""Doom" is no longer a generic video game title. It's a name, a job description, and a promise.

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