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Death to Boring Vampires: The Life and Death Antidote to Contemporary Vampire Culture
26 Mar 2012 // 5:00 PM

Who else is bored with vampires? Guillermo del Toro’s Cronos rescues the vampire myth from boring romanticism.

Superheroes Versus Comics
27 Jan 2009 // 1:59 PM

There can be no doubt that the summer of 2008 stands as a high-water mark for superheroes. But in the wake of a superhero renaissance and the growing cultural legitimacy of the genre, the question must be posed: Has the superhero genre evolved beyond the comics medium?


What Happens When an Interactive Horror Experience Figures Out the Fourth Wall?
8 Sep 2014 // 8:30 PM

P.T. has the digital world bleeding out into the real, hands flailing in search of something to hold onto so it can pull itself out of the game and into your living room.

I Am Become Undead: 'Cronos' by Guillermo del Toro
5 Dec 2010 // 3:00 PM

Guillermo del Toro evokes a sense of literary and filmic magic surrealism, one of the core traits of Latin American creative DNA, popularized by writers such Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who probe the painful politics that often prevail in the Latin world.


'Pacific Rim' Is a Visual Feast That's Heavy on Fluff, Light on Substance
20 Oct 2013 // 8:10 PM

Pacific Rim serves up the kind of visual smorgasbord that those of us weaned on sci-fi and monster movies would have devoured when we were kids.

'Pacific Rim' Is Positively Godzillian
12 Jul 2013 // 12:45 AM

The realness of Mako (Rinko Kikuchi)'s trauma functions on multiple levels, and the image of Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) visibly walking into it is multiply disconcerting.


'Pacific' Hmmm...
15 Jul 2013 // 12:00 AM

Of course, there's still word of mouth and relatively weak competition in the upcoming days, but for the most part, it seems like Pacific Rim reached out to its prime demo (the geek) and then, strangely enough, stalled.

Dad Against the Apocalypse in ‘Pacific Rim’
12 Jul 2013 // 7:00 AM

By drafting in ersatz familial emotions (fathers and sons, soul-bonded brothers, little daughters lost) amidst the hi-tech glitz, Guillermo del Toro’s resuscitation of the kaiju monster-movie template marks a step up from his forgettable comic-book films.


Del Toro's 'Dark' stamp: A novice director takes a master class
26 Aug 2011 // 1:30 AM

LOS ANGELES , Big breaks rarely happen quite this way: Comic book artist and aspiring director Troy Nixey submitted his short "Latchkey's Lament" to Oscar-nominated filmmaker

Director (and now author) Guillermo del Toro: Fantasy is faith
17 Jun 2009 // 11:54 PM

As a youth, Guillermo del Toro "was blessed or cursed with" lucid dreams. "I would go to sleep and wake up in my room and


The Best and Worst Films of Spring 2015

// Short Ends and Leader

"January through April is a time typically made up of award season leftovers, pre-summer spectacle, and more than a few throwaways. Here are PopMatters' choices for the best and worst of the last four months.

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