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GusGus: Mexico
22 Jun 2014 // 8:06 PM

Mexico wants to show us how GusGus has changed and matured while still clinging to things that seem distant and remote.

GusGus: 24/7
16 Sep 2009 // 4:00 PM

Warts and all, 24/7 marks GusGus at a level of maturity that allows them to shun the sonic pyrotechnics that have charmed dance outfits across Europe, while communicating more.


GusGus - "Crossfade" + Remixes (stream)
14 Apr 2014 // 4:51 AM

GusGus' "Crossfade" is the first song released from the electronic band's new album releasing later this year. Mesmerizing, trippy and propulsive... the literal embodiment of a crossfade built into an aural structure.

GusGus - 24/7 (new album / video)
31 Aug 2009 // 7:14 AM

GusGus 24/7 (Kompakt) Releasing: 14 September (US) SONG LIST 01 Thin Ice 02 Hateful 03 On the Job 04 Take Me Baby (feat. Jimi Tenor) 05 Bremen Cowboy 06 Add This Song


Adventure Games As Theater and 'the Charnel House Trilogy'

// Moving Pixels

"The Charnel House Trilogy casts the player as an actor in a performance where the script is uncovered as performed. In doing so, it's throwing off an older design paradigm and creating a better work for it.

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