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"Music Is More Than Just Notes": An Interview with Mino Cinélu
17 Feb 2015 // 9:20 PM

How does Mino Cinélu tell stories with percussion? Just ask Sting, Kate Bush, or Herbie Hancock.

"Rockit" Science: '80s Instrumental Pop in the Brave New (Digital) World
4 Apr 2010 // 5:00 PM

Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit' undeniably accelerated hip-hop's journey to mainstream prominence. "When the whole breakdancing thing started happening, 'Rockit' was the only song that any of us would ever, ever dance to."


Buddhism Wins and Crack Loses in 'Herbie Hancock: Possibilities'
16 Dec 2014 // 2:00 AM

Herbie Hancock's memoir shows us how possibilities in and of themselves can be fleeting, but their ripple effects can go on nearly forever.

Monterey Jazz Festival: 19 September 2014 (Photos)
1 Oct 2014 // 4:54 AM

The 57th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival shone bright as a beacon for a long-standing organization with a mission for musical outreach and jazz education.


List This! A Beginner's Guide to Blue Note Records
11 Jun 2014 // 4:03 AM

Blue Note, one of the foremost jazz record labels, is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a vinyl initiative, releasing highlights from its massive catalog over the course of two years. Here are some picks to get you started.

Herbie Hancock: 4 October 2013 - Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY (Photos)
24 Oct 2013 // 7:00 AM

1973 was the year of Head Hunters, Herbie Hancock's seminal album. Forty years later, crowds are still loving "Chameleon", "Watermelon Man" and Hancock himself.


Herbie Hancock’s vision of an International Jazz Day comes to fruition
30 Apr 2012 // 3:35 AM

LOS ANGELES — Have you started your International Jazz Day shopping yet? A global collaboration among the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Herbie

Herbie Hancock is hitting 70 on a high note
20 Jul 2010 // 6:00 AM

LOS ANGELES — When journalists ask Herbie Hancock which musicians he listens to, he thinks that they're expecting him to say Oscar Peterson and Chick Corea —

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