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The Best Fiction of 2012
17 Jan 2013 // 5:15 PM

Historical fiction, science fiction, graphic novels, anthologies, mysteries, satire, young adult, even poetry(!) -- on subjects from the lighthearted to the apocalypse -- our favorites from 2012 are as wide-ranging and diverse as our writers and our readers. Dive in and revel in the pleasure of getting lost in a good book.


'The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher' Is White-Hot Storytelling by a Mind Possessed
15 Dec 2014 // 3:22 AM

These stories are as delightful and fizzy as Hilary Mantel's many awe-inspiring historical novels.

A Puddle of (Sometimes Funny) Gore: Hilary Mantel's 'Bring Up the Bodies'
15 Jul 2012 // 6:10 PM

This novel deserves all of its near-unanimous praise. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?


Hilary Mantel wins 2nd Booker Prize with ‘Bring Up the Bodies’
17 Oct 2012 // 11:54 PM

It’s not often that someone accepts one of the most prestigious literary prizes in the world by comparing it to a bus. “You wait 20

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The Thoughtful Absurdity of 'Spaceplan'

// Moving Pixels

"Spaceplan is a goofy game that still manages to pack a potent emotional punch.

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