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Part 1: AmpLive to Damien Jurado
20 Jan 2009 // 2:00 PM

From AmpLive to Damien Jurado, PopMatters offers up the first batch of Slipped Discs, 40 great albums that didn't quite make our year-end list in 2008, but our writers thought belonged there.

Putney Appalachian Pop: An Interview with Hot Chip
4 Feb 2008 // 3:00 PM

Moving from the bedroom to the studio, Hot Chip might have matured, but don't think they still won't take the gloves off. Hot Chip talks to PopMatters about their fine new record.


Hot Chip: Why Make Sense?
17 May 2015 // 9:30 PM

Why Make Sense? falls a bit short of the high standard set by its predecessor, In Our Heads, but it's still a wryly creative release by a brilliant group.

Hot Chip: 21 July 2012 - Philadelphia
5 Sep 2012 // 5:02 PM

You might be a bit shy or afraid to hit the dance floor, but go to a Hot Chip show.


Listen to William Onyeabor's "Atomic Bomb" by Hot Chip Remixed by John Talabot
2 Apr 2015 // 6:06 AM

Yes, you read that headline right. Hot Chip's cover of the William Onyeabor's "Atomic Bomb" has been remixed by the supremely talented John Talbot.

Hot Chip Announces New Album, Releases New Single "Hurache Lights" (video)
10 Feb 2015 // 4:10 AM

The British electro-pop outfit Hot Chip has just announced their newest LP, Why Make Sense? They've also released a video for the groovy first single "Huarache Lights".


U.K.'s Hot Chip would like to defy definition, for now
25 Sep 2008 // 1:14 AM

The British quintet Hot Chip has been at the forefront of what's been lauded as an electro music revival on the far side of the

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Unearthing the 'Charnel House'

// Moving Pixels

"This week we discuss Owl Creek Games's follow up to Sepulchre, the triptych of tales called The Charnel House Trilogy.

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