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The Innovators
29 Jul 2008 // 5:00 PM

Sometimes changing the course of modern music can be surprisingly easy. Though their names may not be laced in the stars right next to Sinatra and Dylan, these mavericks will always be remembered for breaking boundaries, stretching the definitions of genres, and rewriting what the very notion of a "pop song" is.


Rocking Chair Blues: Howlin’ Wolf - “Tell Me”
23 May 2011 // 3:30 AM

In this final installment of the Between the Grooves series dedicated to Howlin’ Wolf’s Rocking Chair album, George de Stefano states that Wolf's music is so compelling because it seems such a direct, unmediated expression of his singular personality.

Rocking Chair Blues: Howlin' Wolf - “Howlin’ for My Baby"
16 May 2011 // 1:00 AM

“Howlin’ for My Baby” is the most joyful number on Rocking Chair: Its exuberance and humor are irresistible.


The Best and Worst Films of Spring 2015

// Short Ends and Leader

"January through April is a time typically made up of award season leftovers, pre-summer spectacle, and more than a few throwaways. Here are PopMatters' choices for the best and worst of the last four months.

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