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Rise of the Jötunn: In Flames in the 1990s
17 Mar 2009 // 5:00 PM

Four early and crucial albums by Swedish metal greats In Flames get reissued as part of Nuclear Blast's "Reloaded" series. There's no better time than the present to see what all the fuss is about.


In Flames: A Sense of Purpose
14 Apr 2008 // 6:00 PM

Get past the atrocious cover art, and you've got a quality album from the Swedish veterans.

In Flames: Come Clarity
8 Feb 2006 // 6:00 PM

The eighth album by the Swedish metal masters is their most accessible to date, but still acknowledges their early sound.


Blood and Thunder: Rampaging Storms of Power
19 Mar 2015 // 3:28 AM

This week in metal features legendaries killing it on the live circuit and a surprising debut from the oft-forgotten world of speed metal.

Jesper Strömblad Leaves In Flames. What Now?
2 Mar 2010 // 2:00 AM

With their rhythm guitarist and last founding member departing the band, what can fans expect from one of the Gothenburg scene's innovators on their next album?

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