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Ital Tek: Hollowed
11 Apr 2016 // 9:20 PM

Ital Tek releases this year's best album to date.

Ital Tek: Control
19 Nov 2013 // 9:05 PM

Nobody wants to walk out of a rave and into a damn crystals shop. Yet in more than one instance, this Brighton producer insists on taking us there on this truncated follow-up to last year’s compelling Nebula Dance.


Ital Tek - "Cobra" (Singles Going Steady)
11 Apr 2016 // 9:53 AM

This is a "big" sound, full of reverb and beats that make your chest vibrate. Pretty amazing.

Ital Tek - "Reflection Through Destruction" (Singles Going Steady)
17 Feb 2016 // 9:22 AM

Tension building never sounded so gracefully constructed.

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20 Questions: Rachael Yamagata

// Sound Affects

"After a four year break since her last album, Rachael Yamagata reveals a love of spreadsheets, a love for Streisand, and why it's totally OK to suck at playing guitar.

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