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Enough with the Biopic: A Re-Examination of Cinema’s Least Interesting Genre
5 Jan 2015 // 12:59 AM

Life-spanning biopics are still the ultimate Oscar bait in 2014. Here’s hoping that no one will be biting in the future.

The Best Female Film Performances of 2014
28 Dec 2014 // 9:06 PM

The world of cinema in 2014 is blessed with a host of performances by female actors at the top of their game. From zany sci-fi to lamentations on aging, the performances on these list will follow the viewer long after she leaves the theater.


'The Theory of Everything' Needs More Jane Hawking
16 Feb 2015 // 9:10 PM

Felicity Jones' remarkable performance can't save The Theory of Everything, in large part because the film doesn't fully commit to her own point of view.

'Project Nim': Just Enough Monkeying Around
6 Mar 2012 // 4:00 PM

The issues may not be immediately relevant to the moment, but the human element of Project Nim, combined with its expert direction, make it a must-see documentary.


The Ugly Underneath: 'Red Riding' (Blu-ray)
14 Sep 2010 // 5:00 PM

Red Riding is a series of minor victories, each rotten apple uncovered helping to remove the unrelenting stink from almost a decade of ethical decay.

'Wire' is a Wonder
16 Sep 2008 // 6:45 PM

A daredevil, by definition, defies death. He cheats the Grim Reaper at his own particular brand of bluffing. This also means, by reciprocal inference, he


'The Theory of Everything' Makes the Cosmos of a Marriage Shine
14 Nov 2014 // 7:57 AM

The Theory of Everything is emotionally effective as an examination of Stephen Hawking's life and thought comes down to chemistry, the interconnected performances of Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

At Sundance, a science documentary revives language questions
25 Jan 2011 // 12:00 AM

LOS ANGELES — Among the offerings at this year's Sundance Film Festival is a documentary about a trailblazing chimpanzee named Nim Chimpsky who played a key

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NYFF 2017: 'Mudbound'

// Notes from the Road

"Dee Rees’ churning and melodramatic epic follows two families in 1940s Mississippi, one black and one white, and the wars they fight abroad and at home.

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