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Janet Jackson: Unbreakable
4 Oct 2015 // 9:29 PM

Legend Janet Jackon owes us nothing. That she just gave us a records as fascinating and damn-near satisfying as Unbreakable is pure bonus even with its lyrical flaws.

Janet Jackson: Discipline
25 Feb 2008 // 4:01 PM

Janet Jackson makes yet another forgettable album that leaves you treasuring all of her pre-Nipplegate creations.


Janet Jackson - "Dammn Baby" (Singles Going Steady)
16 May 2016 // 6:00 AM

One says the song is "an unimpeachable work of pop artistry" and another says it's "a fairly standard R&B dance groove". Who's right?

The Top 11 Greatest Hits from "Greatest Hits" Compilations
4 Feb 2015 // 4:00 AM

It's one of the strangest pop microcosms in history: singles released exclusively from Greatest Hits compilations. We rounded 'em up and ranked 'em to find out what is truly the greatest Greatest Hit of all.


Can we put the wardrobe malfunction behind us already? Janet Jackson is back
30 Mar 2011 // 3:00 AM

ST. LOUIS — It looks as if Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction-induced exile from music's top tier is finally lifting. It's about time. She had a successful

Janet Jackson talks about emotional roller coaster of 'Why Did I Get Married Too?'
1 Apr 2010 // 3:30 AM

LOS ANGELES — When Janet Jackson signed on to be a part of "Why Did I Get Married Too?," she knew she'd have to ready herself

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You Should Dance Like Gene Kelly Today

// Global Graffiti

"In the glut of new "holidates", April and May offer two holidays celebrating the millions who preserve and promote the art of dance

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