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The Disappearing Designer: An Interview with Joan of Arc
8 Oct 2006 // 7:00 PM

Tim Kinsella, the musician-filmmaker- performance-poet- burlesque dancer behind Joan of Arc claims an irony-free zone while explaining his process of unintentional creation. PopMatters giggles nervously.


Joan of Arc: He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands
17 Jan 2017 // 9:25 PM

Long after a prodigious if hit-or-miss early ‘00s, patience and collaboration continue to focus and invigorate the left field Chicago group.

Joan of Arc: Life Like
1 Jun 2011 // 5:00 PM

While marginally more compelling than anything else in the Joan of Arc catalog, Life Like still exhibits bandleader Tim Kinsella's infuriating, smarty-pants disinterest.


Joan of Arc - "Flowers" (video)
19 Oct 2009 // 1:00 AM

Joan of Arc's 12th odd album may be a little on the hit-&-miss side, as Joe Tacopino's PopMatters review attests, but this track is


Joan of Arc - "Flowers" (video) 19 Oct 2009 // 1:00 AM

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TIFF 2017: 'The Shape of Water'

// Notes from the Road

"The Shape of Water comes off as uninformed political correctness, which is more detrimental to its cause than it is progressive.

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