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Kangding Ray: Cory Arcane
29 Nov 2015 // 8:15 PM

Forget the minimal techno you have known so far, because Kangding Ray has managed to manipulate the very essence of the genre to combine the raw (the glitch) with the refined (the melody).

Kangding Ray: Solens Arc
27 Apr 2014 // 8:02 PM

More human than human.


Kangding Ray - "OR" (video)
21 Jun 2011 // 5:30 AM

Kangding Ray have always made intricate lapidary electronic slices. Their latest album OR is no exception, as evidenced by this video of their title track.


Kangding Ray - "OR" (video) 21 Jun 2011 // 5:30 AM

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Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 12 - "Don't You Forget About Me"

// Channel Surfing

"In another stand-alone episode, there's a lot of teen drama and some surprises, but not much potential.

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