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Trombone Shorty: For True
11 Oct 2011 // 4:00 PM

If Lenny Kravitz came out of the New Orleans brass band scene ...

Kid Rock
20 Mar 2008 // 5:01 PM

You can be as snarky as you want about some of the things you see -- I mean, I hadn't seen a bustier at a rock show since Madonna's heyday -- but you have to envy a crowd's willingness to fully give themselves over to a show.


Kid Rock revives the basics of rock... but he's still got some rap in his repertoire
17 Feb 2008 // 9:46 PM

Ten minutes before a phone call is due, an old joke comes to mind: How do you know Kid Rock isn't really hip-hop? Punch line:

Kid Rock spreads gospel of eclecticism with rapper, 2 old rockers
11 Feb 2008 // 7:30 PM

Kid Rock has made no secret of his mix-and-match sensibility, the one where he takes the punk rock and the Southern rock, and mixes them

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'Fire Emblem Heroes' Is a Bad Crossover

// Moving Pixels

"Fire Emblem Heroes desperately and shamelessly wants to monetize our love for these characters, yet it has no idea why we came to love them in the first place.

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