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Trombone Shorty: For True
11 Oct 2011 // 5:00 PM

If Lenny Kravitz came out of the New Orleans brass band scene ...

Kid Rock
20 Mar 2008 // 6:01 PM

You can be as snarky as you want about some of the things you see -- I mean, I hadn't seen a bustier at a rock show since Madonna's heyday -- but you have to envy a crowd's willingness to fully give themselves over to a show.


Kid Rock revives the basics of rock... but he's still got some rap in his repertoire
17 Feb 2008 // 10:46 PM

Ten minutes before a phone call is due, an old joke comes to mind: How do you know Kid Rock isn't really hip-hop? Punch line:

Kid Rock spreads gospel of eclecticism with rapper, 2 old rockers
11 Feb 2008 // 8:30 PM

Kid Rock has made no secret of his mix-and-match sensibility, the one where he takes the punk rock and the Southern rock, and mixes them

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'Full Throttle: Remastered' Is Both Updated and Dated

// Moving Pixels

"Full Throttle: Remastered is a game made for people who don't mind pixel hunting -- like we used to play.

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