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Five Ways to Kill a Hipster? A Critique of Anti-Hipsterism
19 Sep 2011 // 5:00 PM

When men and/or white people, with gender and racial power over their counterparts, ridicule these cultural acts with disregard for what they mean to the originators, then an anti-hipster response has the capacity to be racist and sexist.


Kreayshawn: Somethin Bout Kreay
24 Sep 2012 // 6:05 PM

Even enlisting heavy hitters like Diplo, Boys Noize and Kid Cudi, Somethin' 'Bout Kreay still can't rise above the glut of mid-level and novelty rappers clogging YouTube on any given day.


Online Fantasy: Kreayshawn's Meteoric Rise to Fame
4 Aug 2011 // 4:20 AM

Female rapper Kreayshawn is on her way to becoming 2011's international sensation after her song "Gucci Gucci" ridiculed all "basic bitches" that value designer clothes. So who is this Oakland-based revelation?

//Mixed media

In Defense of the Infinite Universe in 'No Man's Sky'

// Moving Pixels

"The common cries of disappointment that surround No Man’s Sky stem from the exciting idea of an infinite universe clashing with the harsh reality of an infinite universe.

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