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Liz Phair


Tuesday, January 18 2011

Part 3: From Perfume Genius to Xiu Xiu

Slipped Discs continues with the return of a legendary power pop band, previously unreleased Springsteen gems, the resurrection of '60s British folk rock sounds, loads of indie rockers and many more. All records that missed our top 70 list last year.

Thursday, December 23 2010

The 60 Best Songs of 2010

Sixty slices of musical greatness highlighted by one of the most delightful expletive-ridden hits in pop music history.


Sunday, November 7 2010

Liz Phair: Funstyle

Breaking out from the more structured (ok, downright rigid) pop of her past two albums, Liz Phair raps, chants, and bites back on her best effort since the '90s.

Tuesday, July 27 2010

Liz Phair: Funstyle

Liz Phair surprises many with her self-released sixth album Funstyle, especially because it’s a lot better than most give it credit for.

Sunday, July 20 2008

Liz Phair: Exile in Guyville

Liz Phair's smart, daring, vulnerable, sexy, iconic debut album of DIY indie rock and next-gen feminism is remastered and appended with a few mediocre bonus tracks and a mixed-bag DVD documentary.

Sunday, July 6 2008

Liz Phair

The only way to have approached this show was in the exact manner that Liz Phair delivered it; a detached celebration of an album that leaves its indelible mark on those who listen, regardless of time, or criticism, or who Liz Phair was then, is now, or will be in 15 more years.

Monday, October 24 2005

Liz Phair: Somebody's Miracle

Liz returns from her experiment in mainstream pop with another mainstream pop record. She's as catchy and as banal as ever.

Liz Phair [1.Sep.03]


Wednesday, September 4 2013

Strange Loops: Liz Phair - "Strange Loop"

By the time the unexpectedly bright “Strange Loop” begins, and our Guyville journey ostensibly comes to its close, we have been so immersed in the quirks, characters, and corners of this fictitious, conceptual land that Phair’s final act is to catch us off guard. If Exile in Guyville was a thriller, “Loop” would be its masterful twist ending.

Monday, August 12 2013

Strange Loops: Liz Phair - "Stratford-on-Guy"

Guyville’s penultimate track reinforces the acting, knowing contradiction that makes Liz Phair’s vision as a storyteller so unique, its memorable chorus succinctly encapsulating the album’s stresses, disappointments and grit without redundancy.

Monday, August 5 2013

Strange Loops: Liz Phair – "Johnny Sunshine" and "Gunshy"

Exile in Guyville wraps up its "domestic nightmare" trope with “Johnny Sunshine” and “Gunshy”, back-to-back cautionary tales that recall and extend the album’s by now familiar themes of neglect, oppression, and destruction—both physical and emotional—within a coupling

Monday, July 29 2013

Strange Loops: Liz Phair - "Flower"

“Flower” is sarcastic, silly, salacious, and solidary -- a fine reminder of what Liz Phair and Exile in Guyville offers its female listeners: the permission, if even for just a hair over two minutes, to tap into and vocalize baser instincts without the threat of stigma and with the security that you’re never doing so alone.

Monday, July 22 2013

Strange Loops: Liz Phair – "Shatter"

“Shatter”, the 13th song on Exile in Guyville, is its most cinematic in scope, providing the kind of tonal encompassment requisite of any great film score.

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