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The Best DVDs and Blu-rays of 2012
31 Jan 2013 // 5:10 PM

From classics to contemporary television, the typical titles and the surprising outsider choices, the year in home video was just as divisive, and delightful, as the rest of our meaningful media.

The Best Female Film Performances of 2011
16 Jan 2012 // 4:00 PM

It was a monumental year for women in film as our selections for 2011's best female performances indicate... over and over and over again.


'We Need to Talk About Kevin
': Tilda Swinton's Characteristic Nerve
9 Dec 2011 // 12:15 AM

Kevin's madness makes We Need to Talk About Kevin something of a horror movie, underscoring Eva's fear that Kevin reflects the monster in her.

Morvern Callar (2002)
14 Mar 2004 // 7:00 PM

Morvern is a puzzle the film picks at but never quite solves, the focus of its probing but also respectful attention.


Mommy Fearest: 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' (Blu-ray)
30 May 2012 // 4:30 AM

In celebration of its release on DVD and Blu-ray, here is our theatrical review of one of 2011's criminally under-appreciated films, containing one of the greatest female performances...ever.

Mommy Fearest: 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'
20 Dec 2011 // 9:00 PM

Perhaps the best element about We Need to Talk About Kevin is the lack of a simple straight answer.

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The Thoughtful Absurdity of 'Spaceplan'

// Moving Pixels

"Spaceplan is a goofy game that still manages to pack a potent emotional punch.

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