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Sonic Bloom: The Lackluster Reception Turned Lasting Reputation of 'The Bends'
10 Mar 2015 // 8:20 PM

No matter how many times someone writes that Radiohead and The Bends “changed the face of music” in 1995, the retail and radio numbers tell a different story.

Fortune Favors the Brave: Madonna and Kylie Minogue Pick Up Donna Summer's Torch and Run With It
10 Feb 2014 // 8:13 PM

Fourteen years after Donna Summer's declaration of independence from disco, Madonna and Minogue took up the torch of redefinition with Bedtime Stories and Kylie Minogue.


On Madonna's Art for Freedom: Why You Can't Change the World with a Tweet
19 May 2014 // 8:30 PM

Madonna's Art for Freedom project proves that social media is not a productive tool for activists who want to impact public policy and alleviate human rights violations.


Madonna: Rebel Heart
8 Mar 2015 // 8:06 PM

Rebel Heart has a profoundly human element to it, one that paints Madonna more as a person than a product, which is in and of itself a minor miracle.

Madonna: 10 October 2012 - Los Angeles
28 Oct 2012 // 7:00 PM

The Material Girl solidifies her dominance in the live-music world.


'Madonna: Innocence Lost' Was Tawdry But Fun
1 Oct 2015 // 4:14 AM

This highly stylized interpretation of Madonna’s hand-to-mouth existence possesses the sort of terribleness you would expect of a TV movie -- but it’s the kind of trash diet that leaves you feeling fulfilled, somehow.

The 2015 Grammy Awards: Ranking the Performances
9 Feb 2015 // 6:30 AM

If you missed “music's biggest night”, or just want to relive it, here are all of the performances.


Madonna Talks About Controversy and Content of Her New 'Rebel Heart'
12 Mar 2015 // 4:45 AM

Madonna opens her strong new album with “Living for Love", a jubilant house jam about moving beyond a debilitating breakup. But love, of course, is only one of the things that pop’s most paradoxical superstar is living for these days.

Pop Divas Are Making a Spectacle of Themselves
25 Mar 2013 // 11:26 PM

LOS ANGELES — Hours before Pink’s recent show at Staples Center, creative director Baz Halpin is crouched beneath the stage in the dimly lighted corridor

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Beyoncé and When Music Writing Becomes Activism

// Sound Affects

"The overall response to Beyoncé's "Formation" has been startlingly positive, but mostly for reasons attached to political agendas. It's time to investigate this trend.

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