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The Best Electronic Music of 2013
12 Dec 2013 // 8:14 PM

Above all, 2013 was a year when electronic music's cream of the crop did what they do best and left no one wanting for more.

Aetheric Vehicle: An Interview with Matmos
24 Apr 2013 // 5:14 PM

After having released an EP of "psychic" music, Matmos are back with even more expansive results on their latest full-length, and talk to PopMatters about sensory deprivation, Buzzcocks covers, and how they managed to make this album despite not really being musicians ...


Matmos: The Ganzfield EP
4 Nov 2012 // 3:04 PM

Electro-weirdos Matmos return with an EP inspired by telepathic experiments.

Matmos: The West
10 Aug 2008 // 5:00 PM

Recently reissued, The West presents Matmos and friends’ classic of dusty “computer folk”.


The Best and Worst Films of Spring 2015

// Short Ends and Leader

"January through April is a time typically made up of award season leftovers, pre-summer spectacle, and more than a few throwaways. Here are PopMatters' choices for the best and worst of the last four months.

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