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MC Lars: This Gigantic Robot Kills
10 May 2009 // 4:00 PM

This Gigantic Robot Kills is a strange and peculiarly entertaining mix of old school hip-hop, ska, techno and all sub genres of punk rock.

MC Lars: The Graduate
20 Mar 2006 // 5:00 PM

It's pretty amazing that someone presumably serious about launching a career as a rapper would publicly cite Weird Al as an influence. What do you make of that?


MC Lars - "True Player For Real" (video)
5 Aug 2009 // 10:10 PM

Laptop rapper MC Lars goes puppet crazy in his latest video and puts an accordion front and center in the tune.

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'Blind Woman's Curse' Is Full of Delirious Action With Swords and Cats

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"This bewildering, reckless, and captivating Japanese monstrosity is a colorful, widescreen explosion of cross-genre craziness.

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