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The Worst Films of 2009
6 Jan 2010 // 4:00 PM

What does it say about the last 12 months that two of the year's biggest blockbusters also find residence near the top of our annual compilation of cinematic abominations? Oh, and the rest are pretty rotten as well.


'This Means War' Is Built to Exasperate
16 Feb 2012 // 10:29 PM

Angela Basset's role as Collins raises all kinds of questions, not least being McG's own self-image as a Hollywood player committed to "diversity" casting.

'Charlie's Angels' Is Where 'The Matrix' Meets 'Spice World'
4 Aug 2010 // 4:58 PM

On the heels of the overblown Mission: Impossible II, Charlie's Angels detonated the megabudget TV-adaptation lark and glued it back into something fun: a weightless series of dress-ups, undress-ups, and hair-flips.


'3 Days to Kill' is Okay if You Have 100 Minutes to Lose
21 Feb 2014 // 3:00 AM

Kevin Costner may be on some kind of career comeback, but 3 Days to Kill won't bring him to where he once was before. It's acceptable, if unexceptional entertainment.

Fourth 'Terminator' Fumbles the Franchise
20 May 2009 // 11:00 AM

A Terminator movie is not a Terminator movie without a Terminator acting as the threat.

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TIFF 2017: 'The Shape of Water'

// Notes from the Road

"The Shape of Water comes off as uninformed political correctness, which is more detrimental to its cause than it is progressive.

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