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Merle Haggard: The Running Kind
17 Oct 2013 // 8:15 PM

Merle Haggard’s music helped invent the America we live in today. David Cantwell explores the fascinating contradictions that define not only Haggard’s music and public persona, but the very heart of American culture.

The Best Country Music of 2011
6 Dec 2011 // 3:00 PM

At first it seemed like an especially quiet year in country music, and in some ways it might have been. At the same time, country is country: it rolls on.


Getting Gone: David Cantwell's Take on the Iconic Merle Haggard
13 Oct 2013 // 7:30 PM

Merle Haggard's restlessness breaks him out of one prison and sends him towards another.


A Yarn-Spinning Tale about Country Music Legend Merle Haggard
12 May 2014 // 8:15 PM

David Cantwell writes from the heart and the results are, like the subject, highly unconventional and completely memorable.

Merle Haggard: 31 October 2013 - Carmel, IN
7 Nov 2013 // 10:00 PM

Haggard and his songs managed to leave a far greater impression than the over-the-top venue.


2015 Nelsonville Music Festival - 28-31 May, 2015 (Photos)
3 Jun 2015 // 12:00 AM

Merle Haggard, St. Vincent, and the Flaming Lips headed up another eclectic year at Ohio's Nelsonville Music Festival.


The Bakersfield Sound gets its due in Nashville exhibit
28 Mar 2012 // 5:34 AM

LOS ANGELES — Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and other pioneers of West Coast country music are getting a much-deserved salute in Nashville with an expansive new

On the bus with Merle Haggard at Stagecoach 2010
27 Apr 2010 // 2:30 AM

INDIO, Calif. — Parking was a journey to the dark side for all concerned this weekend. Several acres were set aside for free parking for those

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Beyoncé and When Music Writing Becomes Activism

// Sound Affects

"The overall response to Beyoncé's "Formation" has been startlingly positive, but mostly for reasons attached to political agendas. It's time to investigate this trend.

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