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The Worst Films of 2009
6 Jan 2010 // 3:00 PM

What does it say about the last 12 months that two of the year's biggest blockbusters also find residence near the top of our annual compilation of cinematic abominations? Oh, and the rest are pretty rotten as well.

Monkey Business (Part 3: July)
2 May 2007 // 5:00 PM

Finally, a month with only one remaining series contender. All wizard based Potter-y aside, this will be the most tenuous time for the business called show. After a strong start, the eccentric collection of entertainments here could make or break this potentially record shattering motion picture season.


'Spring Breakers', 'Pain & Gain' and Postmodern Folly at the Movies
9 May 2013 // 5:30 PM

Rather than exercise judgment or critical perspective on crime and punishment, Spring Breakers and Pain & Gain share their characters’ self-indulgence, making narcissism seem like a palatable or practical means to achieve goals.


Manning Up in 'Pain & Gain'
25 Apr 2013 // 11:02 PM

The kidnappers are caught up in a mutual druggy, aspirational haze: when any one of them feels apprehensive, the nearest buddy encourages him to "get a pump", as they lose themselves in frenzy of bicep-curling and self-distraction.

Transforming Opinions of 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'
2 Oct 2011 // 3:59 PM

You may think you know what you're getting by the third installment of the much maligned Transformers series, but Dark of the Moon bests the initial two offerings with a streamlined version of loud, visually bombastic mayhem.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 10 Best Film Roles
8 Apr 2015 // 4:00 AM

He may seem like nothing more than muscles and machismo, but this former WWE superstar is on path to be an equally popular player in feature films.

Jumping Off the Bay-Wagon
7 Jul 2014 // 5:00 AM

With his picture postcard imagery and similarly shorthanded scripting, Michael Bay's movies may be nothing more than a colorful crib mobile.


Will the new 'Transformers' film have 'The Touch'?
2 Jul 2007 // 10:29 PM

As someone who spent much of his childhood collecting and breaking Transformers, I'm approaching next week's movie version with a feeling that veers back and

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Because Blood Is Drama: Considering Carnage in Video Games and Other Media

// Moving Pixels

"It's easy to dismiss blood and violence as salacious without considering why it is there, what its context is, and what it might communicate.

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