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The Guilty Pleasure Films of 2011
9 Jan 2012 // 4:00 PM

You may snicker when looking over this list, but these are the films of 2011 that made us feel guilty for loving them so -- and love them we do.

Monkey Business (Part 3: July)
2 May 2007 // 6:00 PM

Finally, a month with only one remaining series contender. All wizard based Potter-y aside, this will be the most tenuous time for the business called show. After a strong start, the eccentric collection of entertainments here could make or break this potentially record shattering motion picture season.


Stallone and Schwarzenegger Want Out: 'Escape Plan'
18 Oct 2013 // 5:30 AM

For all the expected bits about bodies punched and slammed, broken, shot, and slashed, Escape Plan also exploits the two very famous bodies at its center.

'The Rite': God's Fingernail
27 Jan 2011 // 11:08 PM

In The Rite, Father Michael has some basic questions about his line of work. Like, does he actually believe in God?


Five questions for '1408' star John Cusack
22 Jun 2007 // 12:25 AM

John Cusack is not big on genre films, and the only bona-fide thriller on his resume is 2003's "Identity." But when Cusack was sent the

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Becomes the 'Beholder'

// Moving Pixels

"It's easy to think that we would never be complicit with the dictates of an authoritarian regime, but Beholder reveals how complicated such choices can become.

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