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Tribeca Film Festival 2012: 'Mansome' + 'Knife Fight'
12 Jun 2012 // 10:45 PM

Mansome and Knife Fight make their premieres at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope': Fans Galore
6 Apr 2012 // 2:00 AM

Chuck describes the relationship between fans and creators, between comic book buyers and sellers as a "mutually shared system of belief."


Pop Goes the World in 'One Direction: This Is Us'
30 Aug 2013 // 12:00 AM

This may be nothing more than a smart, strategic piece of PR, but thanks to the individual capturing the commerce, we get more than mere hyperbole.

Product Placement Haunts/Helps This 'Greatest Movie'
27 May 2011 // 1:00 AM

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold has no real subtext. It's more of a mission quest, with Spurlock succeeding in getting his movie made with product placement cash. Period.


After taking on McDonald's, Morgan Spurlock went after Osama Bin Laden
17 Apr 2008 // 8:29 AM

It took 14 months to lose the 25 or so pounds he gained by living "large" for his first-person documentary, "Super Size Me." But for his latest

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U2's 'The Joshua Tree' Tour Reminds the Audience of their Politics

// Notes from the Road

"The Joshua Tree tour highlights U2's classic album with an epic and unforgettable new experience.

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