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The Best Pop-Punk of 2012
5 Dec 2012 // 5:10 PM

If last year was a reminder that “pop-punk’s not dead”, then 2012 was a celebration of the vitality and diversity of the genre.

Time Moves Like This: An Interview with Motion City Soundtrack
1 Jul 2012 // 6:15 PM

After achieving a newfound level of success with 2010's My Dinosaur Life, Motion City Soundtrack have now turned inwards, and frontman Justin Pierre talks about the difficulties and foibles his band has gone through with each album, culminating in their just-released new disc, Go ...


Motion City Sountrack: Panic Stations
14 Sep 2015 // 9:20 PM

Cut in two weeks, Motion City Soundtrack get raw while taking essential leaps forward.

Motion City Soundtrack: Go
11 Jun 2012 // 6:00 PM

Motion City Soundtrack ventures away from broken hearts and sad stories, taking a hard look at self-worth and mortality on their new brilliantly crafted release.


Motion City Soundtrack: "The Worst Is Yet to Come" (PopMatters Premire)
31 May 2012 // 1:00 AM

Motion City Soundtrack's Go is one of the most-anticipated rock albums of the year (especially following 2010's astonishing My Dinosaur Life), and in revealing a somewhat darker side of themselves, the band share their new song "The Worst is Yet to Come" exclusively with PopMatters ...


Minnesota rock band Motion City Soundtrack is on the rise
26 Sep 2007 // 10:36 PM

Josh: We feel like we're lucky. We don't feel like we deserve anything. Justin: We were talking about the fact that we're lucky we've gotten

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