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Everything Has Changed, Nothing Has Changed: Music in a Post-9/11 World
2 Mar 2015 // 10:00 PM

The attacks of 9/11 may have caused a noticeable shift in the lyrical content of musicians and even sonic changes in the short term, but, in the end, normalcy finds a way to settle in.


My Chemical Romance: May Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits (2001-2013)
15 Apr 2014 // 9:05 PM

May Death Never Stop You proves to be a tricky overview of MCR's output, trying to please both casual fans and completists at the exact same time.

My Chemical Romance: 27 May 2011 - Hollywood, CA
1 Jun 2011 // 10:35 PM

A My Chemical Romance performance is a celebration of innocence, a wish for their admirers to never age bitterly.


So Long and Goodnight: The Top 15 Songs of My Chemical Romance
1 Oct 2014 // 4:09 AM

It's been more than a year since My Chemical Romance decided to lay down their instruments, and PopMatters looks back on some of their finest moments.

Glenn Beck Inexplicably Targets My Chemical Romance
2 May 2011 // 9:00 AM

Or, as he says it on air, "Chemical Romance".


My Chemical Romance emerges from a dark time with the danceable album 'Danger Days'
22 Nov 2010 // 4:00 AM

LOS ANGELES — High in his ridgeline home, sitting on a porch that feels like a ledge, Gerard Way peered through cigarette smoke and the late-afternoon

My Chemical Romance puts a message in the music
5 Mar 2007 // 9:43 PM

When music is turned into a commodity, music as pure expression may be more important than ever. That's certainly the mindset of My Chemical Romance,

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"No Dollars in Duende": On Making Uncompromising, Spirited Music

// Sound Affects

"On the elusive yet clearly existential sadness that adds layers and textures to music.

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