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'The Loving Story': For Valentine's Day, the End of Anti-Miscegenation Laws
13 Feb 2012 // 9:45 PM

The film's story of this Supreme Court victory lays out both its legal and moral import, and then turns back to Richard and Mildred Loving in intimate, evocative images.

Tribeca Film Festival 2011: 'The Swell Season’ and ‘The Loving Story’
4 May 2011 // 10:45 PM

One great documentary is about a relationship that may eventually be forgotten, and another important documentary about a relationship which set a precedent on equal rights for marriage.


'The Loving Story': Why Laws Change
10 Dec 2012 // 4:30 AM

The Loving Story's archival images grant the documentary an unusual sort of intimacy, even as it recalls a remarkable historical event.

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Learning the Barbarian in 'Conan Exiles'

// Moving Pixels

"There's no one better than a barbarian to teach you how to become civilized.

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