Old Man Luedecke
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Old Man Luedecke: Tender Is the Night
13 Nov 2012 // 5:04 PM

Tender Is the Night is the relatively glossy, varnished sound of a man unafraid of playing music that hasn’t been largely heard in 60 or 70 years in its original incarnation, and being relatively faithful and authentic to it despite that sheen in the recording quality.

Old Man Luedecke: My Hands Are on Fire and Other Love Songs
21 Apr 2010 // 3:40 AM

Luedecke is a masterful songwriter with an ability to convey experience way beyond his years. On these 11 songs his voice and banjo combine beautifully with the other instruments and harmony vocals.

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Indie Horror Month 2016: Executing 'The Deed'

// Moving Pixels

"It's just so easy to kill someone in a video game that it's surprising when a game makes murder difficult.

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