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Ozomatli: Fire Away
17 May 2010 // 5:00 PM

While the party is still raging, Ozomatli's fifth album is at its best when the band relaxes a bit.

Ozomatli: Dont Mess With the Dragon
29 Mar 2007 // 6:00 PM

The Grammy-winning Latin rock/hip-hop collective keeps their political priorities in order while pulling off a multi-faceted musical coup on their most pop-friendly record to date.


Ozomatli - "Gay Vatos in Love" (video)
11 May 2010 // 4:00 AM

Los Angeles musical genre mashers Ozomatli earn a spot in our hearts with a big thumbs up in support of gay rights on their new

Ozomatli + Ben and Jerry's Bonnaroo Buzz Party: 19.April.2010 - New York
20 Apr 2010 // 2:38 AM

“We’re here to celebrate a festival and we’re here to celebrate an ice cream.” -- Ozomatli

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The Sound and the Warmth: An Interview with Cardiknox

// Sound Affects

"New York's Cardiknox are taking more steps in their goal of world domination. With their debut record Portrait out, the band are dreaming big, wanting to transcend the indie pop scene.

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