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Tours from the Crypt: Ozzy Osbourne, 'Speak of the Devil'
7 Aug 2012 // 6:05 PM

Speak of the Devil holds the sad place of siphoning off an unfortunate moment in the past for any additional revenues it might yield.

Not So Showy Show Offs: 'Ozzy Osbourne: Speak of the Devil'
31 Jul 2012 // 6:10 PM

Ozzy's vocals vocals sound suspiciously as though they were recorded in a studio and stuck into the mix.


Voodoo Experience: 2010 - New Orleans
7 Nov 2010 // 10:00 PM

With a recent contract being signed to keep Voodoo in New Orleans through 2019, fans can expect the event to continue to grow and be a fitting close to each year’s music festival season.

The Dreamers: Ozzy Osbourne Covers Lennon Song
8 Oct 2010 // 1:02 AM

Osbourne shows gratitude to Lennon by covering the latter's "How?"


What's the word on Fox's new ‘Osbournes: Reloaded'? Don't ask Ozzy
30 Mar 2009 // 2:12 AM

LOS ANGELES - Interviewing Ozzy Osbourne is not the easiest task on the planet. If he hears the question - and more often than not

An (expletive)-deleted chat with the Prince of Darkness
28 Oct 2007 // 10:53 PM

MINNEAPOLIS -- You'll have to forgive the (parentheses) that appear in this article. Ozzy Osbourne was funny, enthusiastic and even uncannily polite talking by phone

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The Bric-a-Brac of Games

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"In gaming generally, relevant and irrelevant objects are forever separated because mixing them up might be too confusing for the player.

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