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Paul Verhoeven's Authenticity Came to Light at Chicago's Logan Arcade
5 Jul 2015 // 9:04 PM

Some works by Paul Verhoeven, a director known for satire, were shown in an ironic setting this summer. The result was an earnestness soaked in blood.

"The Only Good Bug Is a Dead Bug": 'Starship Troopers' and the Politics of Science Fiction
27 Apr 2015 // 8:09 PM

There's little a remake of Starship Troopers could add to the original's deceptively deep insights into the nature of social organization.


Cannes 2016: 'The Salesman' + 'Elle'
2 Jun 2016 // 3:45 AM

These two films suggest possible ways for women's self-expression in the midst of oppression.

Verhoeven Had a Lot to Learn After 'Flesh + Blood'
8 Oct 2014 // 8:10 PM

Flesh + Blood has at least this to its credit: it's not as bad as Howard the Duck.


ReFramed No. 15: Paul Verhoeven's 'Showgirls' (1995)
29 Nov 2011 // 1:00 AM

This week, the ReFramed crew attempts to redeem Paul Verhoeven’s universally misunderstood cult classic, Showgirls

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'Fire Emblem Heroes' Is a Bad Crossover

// Moving Pixels

"Fire Emblem Heroes desperately and shamelessly wants to monetize our love for these characters, yet it has no idea why we came to love them in the first place.

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