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Remembering Prince's Greatest Epic: 30 Years of "Sign 'O' The Times"
20 Apr 2017 // 10:00 PM

One year after Prince's shocking death, we celebrate his greatest musical achievement as it passes its 30-year anniversary: Sign ☮ the Times

Water Baby: A Eulogy for Our Departed Prince
1 Jun 2016 // 2:31 AM

More than a genius, not simply an enigma, to understand and appreciate Prince one must let go of binary sexuality and appreciate the liquidity and flow of his vision and identity.


Perhaps Prince Really Did Die 4 Us
6 Jun 2016 // 9:30 PM

On what would have been the groundbreaking musician's 58th birthday, a reflection on his final chord.

Prince: Never Stop Arguing
15 May 2016 // 9:00 PM

Prince's life is over but his music is not, and that music was never just about him, and it was never just about me, and it was never just about you.


Prince: 4EVER
23 Nov 2016 // 4:06 AM

Prince 4Ever is a look back at some of the legend’s most familiar work, and a refresher for fans who want the big hits but might also be exposed to some singles they missed along the way.

The Bangles: Ladies and Gentleman... the Bangles!
11 Aug 2016 // 9:10 PM

These earliest recordings of the Bangles showcase their chops as a live group and an excellent grasp of songwriting and melody writing. It's a must-have for die-hards and those wishing to delve deeper into the group's discography.


Remembering Prince
27 Apr 2016 // 6:30 AM

Prince’s passing feels more significant and deserving of commemoration because his artistry felt so all-encompassing that even his music, in all its purple majesty, couldn’t contain it.

Prince - "Stare" (audio) (Singles Going Steady)
3 Aug 2015 // 4:24 AM

A few weeks after removing all his music from Spotify, the always unpredictable Prince has delivered his new track “Stare” exclusively (so far) to the service.


Prince's Revolution Celebrates His Greatest Era
20 Apr 2017 // 4:42 AM

Members of the Revolution are still reeling from the death of Prince and tell us about what working with him was like.

The Minneapolis Club Where Prince Truly Came to Life
3 May 2016 // 8:23 AM

The curvy, rugged, black club in downtown Minneapolis is a living, breathing, thriving testament to Prince's legacy.

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Players Lose Control in ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

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"This is an interactive story in which players don’t craft the characters, we just control them.

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