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Prince and Michael Jackson: The Rivalry and the Revolution
28 Apr 2016 // 9:00 PM

Deemed As polar opposites by the media, part of what made the Prince v Jackson rivalry so compelling was their similarities.

On Going Preadolescent Batshit With Prince's 'Batman'
26 Apr 2016 // 5:36 AM

Prince was my chaperone away from the music of my parents’ generation towards something forbidden, dangerous, pleasurable, weird, and shockingly modern.


A Blockbuster Turns 30: Alan Light Talks About Prince and 'Purple Rain'
5 Jan 2015 // 9:30 PM

Music journalist and author of Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain Alan Light talks with PopMatters about Prince's one-of-a-kind perfect album.

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning: Gospel Music in a Secular World
17 Apr 2013 // 6:30 PM

Critically, commercially and historically, gospel is the great overlooked American music, maybe because few genres of music force you to confront your beliefs so immediately.


Prince: HITNRUN Phase Two
13 Dec 2015 // 9:30 PM

Phase Two boasts enough classic Prince moments to sufficiently wash the worst memories of its vapid predecessor out of fans’ memory banks permanently.

Prince: HITNRUN Phase One
8 Sep 2015 // 9:30 PM

Can we assume that “direct-to-streaming” is the new “direct-to-video” for really bad albums?


Remembering Prince
27 Apr 2016 // 6:30 AM

Prince’s passing feels more significant and deserving of commemoration because his artistry felt so all-encompassing that even his music, in all its purple majesty, couldn’t contain it.

Prince - "Stare" (audio) (Singles Going Steady)
3 Aug 2015 // 4:24 AM

A few weeks after removing all his music from Spotify, the always unpredictable Prince has delivered his new track “Stare” exclusively (so far) to the service.


The Minneapolis Club Where Prince Truly Came to Life
3 May 2016 // 8:23 AM

The curvy, rugged, black club in downtown Minneapolis is a living, breathing, thriving testament to Prince's legacy.

A Rejuvenated Prince Looks Forward Again
16 May 2013 // 1:15 AM

DENVER — Prince pounded his rhinestone-encrusted cane into the floor to make a point. “I don’t have time for old people,” he insisted. “I want

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Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 19 - "The Chitters"

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"Another stand-alone episode, but there's still plenty to discuss in the Supernatural world.

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