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Listening Ahead: Anticipated Early 2013 Releases
10 Jan 2013 // 5:10 PM

In lieu of our regular monthly overview, this edition of “Listening Ahead” offers up an early 2013 preview with sneak peaks of some of the best and most intriguing albums that the coming months have to offer.

Inside the Dream Attic: A Conversation with Richard Thompson
6 Feb 2011 // 4:00 PM

Stuart Henderson talks with the living legend about his songwriting methods, his political frustrations, and what makes him such a great guitarist.


Richard Thompson: Still
20 Jul 2015 // 9:10 PM

The Jeff Tweedy-produced Still may not surprise, but surprises aren't what Richard Thompson albums are about.

Richard Thompson: Acoustic Classics
21 Aug 2014 // 9:04 PM

Folk troubadour Richard Thompson commits an intimate solo studio performance of his classics to tape, highlighting both his skills as a guitarist and exceptional songwriter.


Richard Thompson - "All Buttoned Up" (audio)
26 May 2015 // 8:13 AM

Richard Thompson's latest album Still releases June 23rd via Fantasy Records and today he drops his latest single from the effort, "All Buttoned Up".


Richard Thompson: Innovation in, Nostalgia Out
26 Mar 2013 // 5:30 AM

CHICAGO — Again Richard Thompson makes the case with his latest album, “Electric” (New West): He belongs with Bob Dylan, Neil Young and a handful of

Guitar legend Richard Thompson takes requests
4 Jul 2009 // 1:34 AM

In the pantheon of British guitarists, Richard Thompson ranks right up there with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. As a songwriter, his tunes have been

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Discusses 'Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2'

// Moving Pixels

"Our foray into the adventure-game-style version of the Borderlands continues.

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