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Rocky Votolato: Coming Out of the Darkness
23 Feb 2010 // 3:00 PM

Rocky Votolato has struggled with depression all his life. With True Devotion he found a way to recognize his problems and work out his demons. PopMatters talked to him about his difficult journey and the album that came out of it.


Rocky Votolato: Hospital Handshakes
22 Apr 2015 // 8:04 PM

Hospital Handshakes is a milestone in Rocky Votolato’s career and one that would do well to serve as a springboard for all his efforts going forward.

Rocky Votolato: Television of Saints
30 Apr 2012 // 5:00 PM

With such a copacetic approach to music-making, it's unlikely that Votolato will be doing anything but preaching to the converted for quite some time.


Rocky Votolato: 5.April.2010 - Toronto
8 Apr 2010 // 12:30 AM

Rocky Votolato isn’t a physically imposing man, but he carries a lot of presence. That presence was palpable Monday night in Toronto, filling the small room of the Drake Underground and grabbing everyone’s attention.


Adventure Games As Theater and 'the Charnel House Trilogy'

// Moving Pixels

"The Charnel House Trilogy casts the player as an actor in a performance where the script is uncovered as performed. In doing so, it's throwing off an older design paradigm and creating a better work for it.

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