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Talk, Talk, Talk: December 2008
11 Sep 2008 // 6:00 PM

Just like the end of an inspiring speech that may or may not succeed in making its point, these final four weeks before 2009 tend to define or defeat the entire awards season purpose.


Frost/Nixon: An Interview with a Vampire
4 Dec 2008 // 2:59 PM

Frank Langella seethes and pulsates with cunning as the deposed president in 'Frost/Nixon', a far cry from the grinning cowboy executive Josh Brolin presented in 'W'.


'In the Heart of the Sea' Tells of Hunting Whales and Losing Souls
11 Dec 2015 // 5:20 AM

The whale is an embodiment of a nature that's furious at those humans who mean to exploit and squander its riches.

The Hedonist and the Student in 'Rush'
27 Sep 2013 // 3:30 AM

That each of these Formula One drivers sees himself in the other makes them a perfect couple, but also a terrible combination.


The 10 Oddest Couples in Movie History
3 Feb 2015 // 5:30 AM

Love might mean never having to say you're sorry, but for the ten unusual couples here, it also means not being "normal", either.

Who Is the Real Ron Howard? 'Eat My Dust' and 'Grand Theft Auto'
19 May 2011 // 12:00 AM

The inherent value of these films goes beyond the basics of a Ron Howard resume. This is escapism at its silly, '70s best.


Oscar-winning director Ron Howard wants to adapt film trilogy and TV series
23 Dec 2010 // 8:54 PM

LOS ANGELES — The creations of Stephen King have been keeping people up at night for decades, but Ron Howard has been losing sleep lately for

Oscars ignore ‘The Dark Knight,' except for Ledger nomination
22 Jan 2009 // 8:25 PM

It was a dark day for "The Dark Knight" as the 81st annual Oscar nominations, announced Thursday, snubbed the most popular film since "Titanic." Christopher


Frost/Nixon Stills and Trailer 2 Dec 2008 // 10:25 PM

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Hitchcock's 'Suspicion', 'I Confess' and 'The Wrong Man' Return in Blu-ray

// Short Ends and Leader

"These three films on DVD from Warner Archives showcase different facets of Alfred Hitchcock's brilliance.

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