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Thursday, September 11 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: December 2008

Just like the end of an inspiring speech that may or may not succeed in making its point, these final four weeks before 2009 tend to define or defeat the entire awards season purpose.


Thursday, December 4 2008

Frost/Nixon: An Interview with a Vampire

Frank Langella seethes and pulsates with cunning as the deposed president in 'Frost/Nixon', a far cry from the grinning cowboy executive Josh Brolin presented in 'W'.


Friday, September 27 2013

The Hedonist and the Student in 'Rush'

That each of these Formula One drivers sees himself in the other makes them a perfect couple, but also a terrible combination.

Thursday, January 13 2011

Ron Howard's Comedy 'The Dilemma' Is Missing the Comedy

The Dilemma is a tense, uncomfortable drama about infidelity and the boundaries of friendship. The problem is, it’s supposed to be a comedy.

Sunday, November 29 2009

Angels & Demons

A slight upgrade from its predecessor is not enough to recommend such a forgettable production.

Tuesday, October 20 2009

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

What did Dr. Seuss ever do to Hollywood? How did the genial children's author, responsible for many of the most memorable kid lit classics of all time turn into such a cinematic pariah?

Friday, May 15 2009

Angels & Demons

A Harvard professor is an unlikely candidate for the hero of a summer blockbuster, and Angels & Demons demonstrates exactly why. The film is filled with talk, talk, talk.

Frost/Nixon [5.Dec.08]
The Da Vinci Code [18.May.06]
Cinderella Man [2.Jun.05]
The Missing [22.Feb.04]
The Missing [19.Nov.03]
Felicity [31.Dec.94]


Tuesday, February 3 2015

The 10 Oddest Couples in Movie History

Love might mean never having to say you're sorry, but for the ten unusual couples here, it also means not being "normal", either.

Thursday, May 19 2011

Who Is the Real Ron Howard? 'Eat My Dust' and 'Grand Theft Auto'

The inherent value of these films goes beyond the basics of a Ron Howard resume. This is escapism at its silly, '70s best.

Friday, January 14 2011

'The Dilemma': Avoiding the Obvious... and the Humorous

The Dilemma is the kind of movie that is so aggravating, that is so stupid in its set-up and narrative execution that it makes you want to throw things.

Friday, April 9 2010

Apollo 13 (1995): Blu-ray

Apollo 13 reminds us of a time not too long ago when the United State rallied around itself to support a group of far thinkers in their endeavor to discover our planet's place among the galaxy.

Monday, October 12 2009

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000): Blu-ray

What did Dr. Seuss ever do to Hollywood? How did the genial children's author, responsible for many of the most memorable kid lit classics of

'Angels' Betters 'Da Vinci'...But Not By Much (Short Ends and Leader) [14.May.09]
'Frost/Nixon' Feigns Actual History Well (Short Ends and Leader) [24.Dec.08]
Frost/Nixon Stills and Trailer (Mixed Media) [2.Dec.08]


Thursday, December 23 2010

Oscar-winning director Ron Howard wants to adapt film trilogy and TV series

LOS ANGELES — The creations of Stephen King have been keeping people up at night for decades, but Ron Howard has been losing sleep lately for

Thursday, January 22 2009

Oscars ignore ‘The Dark Knight,' except for Ledger nomination

It was a dark day for "The Dark Knight" as the 81st annual Oscar nominations, announced Thursday, snubbed the most popular film since "Titanic." Christopher

Thursday, January 8 2009

In battle of stage vs. screen, the play wins

As movie adaptations of stage plays go, the recently released "Frost/Nixon" and "Doubt" are among the best of recent vintage, not least because the

Sunday, December 14 2008

From stage to screen, Nixon's the one for Frank Langella

"I really did think it was going to be seven weeks, in and out," says Frank Langella, recalling his decision, in early 2006, to star as

Thursday, December 11 2008

Fast chat with ‘Frost/Nixon' co-star Michael Sheen

Movie-star math: Michael Sheen is to the Martin Sheen acting family as Adam Baldwin is to the Alec Baldwin acting family - no relation. The

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