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The Best Jazz of 2015
2 Dec 2015 // 9:00 PM

A baker’s dozen albums that remind us that jazz remains alive, growing, thriving, and powerful.

The Best Jazz of 2013
18 Dec 2013 // 9:10 PM

Jazz is all over the place, and that's the glorious point of it. When you add up all its little corners and areas of enjoyment in 2013, the music remains huge.


Rudresh Mahanthappa: Bird Calls
2 Mar 2015 // 9:03 PM

A hard-edged evocation of the free blues spirit of Charlie Parker by a modern saxophonist with the spirit to get Bird right.

Rudresh Mahanthappa: Gamak
3 Mar 2013 // 5:02 PM

A modern jazz quartet that bridges cultures, musical tools, and styles with an aggressive beauty.


Ragamala Dance with Rudresh Mahanthappa: Lincoln Center 'Out of Doors' 2014 (Photos)
22 Aug 2014 // 6:00 AM

In concert with the Asia Society, Lincoln Center held the world premiere of 'Song of the Jasmine', a collaboration between the Ragamala Dance group and jazz musician Rudresh Mahanthappa.

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The Sound and the Warmth: An Interview with Cardiknox

// Sound Affects

"New York's Cardiknox are taking more steps in their goal of world domination. With their debut record Portrait out, the band are dreaming big, wanting to transcend the indie pop scene.

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