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Time Encapsulating: The Best DVDs of 2006
10 Jan 2007 // 2:58 PM

From solid single issues to amazingly complete film and television compilations, the works highlighted here argue for DVD's continued importance.


How Does It End? Narrative Closure in the Marvel Universes
14 Jul 2013 // 6:30 PM

In Marvel's comics, narrative closure is always deferred, every ending a new beginning. Iron Man 3, with its now world weary characters and aging actors, draws attention to how live action is different from comics.


'Iron Man 3', or, Guy Pearce Finally Has an Agent
24 Sep 2013 // 3:10 AM

With a set of top-notch performances and Shane Black's witty script, Iron Man 3 corrects the problems of its predecessor, although the special features here are not up to Stark Industry standards.

'Iron Man 3': Tony Stark's Multiplicities
2 May 2013 // 2:10 AM

Even if Tony, so committed to self-control even when he seems most utterly incapable of it, accomplishes his mission, the specter of the many suits remains.


Why 'Iron Man 3' is the Real 'Last Action Hero'
4 Oct 2013 // 11:01 AM

While it may be more grounded in the truth of being the savior of the planet, Tony Stark's problems play very real indeed.

Stark Realities: 'Iron Man 3'
3 May 2013 // 3:00 AM

As a modern commentary, as a piece of pop culture popcorn pizzazz, Shane Black has started the Summer 2013 season off well.

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'SUPERHOTLine Miami' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

// Moving Pixels

"SUPERHOTLine Miami provides a perfect case study in how slow-motion affects the pace and tone of a game.

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