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The Best Pop Singles of 2016
27 Dec 2016 // 9:30 PM

Celebrating the songs this year that operated within the constraints of "radio music", truly a genre all its own, and produced excellent results.

How Sia Kept Breathing and Became a Formalist
27 Jan 2016 // 9:00 PM

Although there are for Sia 1,000 forms of fear, if you will, there are only two formal conventions in her manual of pop songwriting.


The Artist Is Not Present: The Significance of Sia's Anti-Pop Persona
25 Mar 2015 // 9:30 PM

For once, a pop artist has rejected the idea of stardom, and as a result, has become one of the world’s most discussed pop stars.


Panorama Peaks with Sounds of Silver
3 Aug 2016 // 4:53 AM

Panorama closes out its first edition with the monumental return of LCD Soundsystem and an awkward performance by Sia.

Sia: This Is Acting
31 Jan 2016 // 9:30 PM

As a pop songwriter who can bend her style into many different forms, This Is Acting is the most compelling when Sia decides to simply be herself.


Sia - "The Greatest" (Singles Going Steady)
27 Sep 2016 // 6:52 AM

Unlike the extraverted bangers on This Is Acting, "The Greatest" is rawer and more psychological.

Sia - "Cheap Thrills" (Singles Going Steady)
28 Mar 2016 // 11:00 AM

"Cheap Thrills" is probably the best song on Sia's latest album.


Panorama Music Festival Sets Out to Prove That Two Is Better Than One
1 Jun 2016 // 4:36 AM

Not without stirring up some controversy, Panorama Music Festival takes aim at New York City with a barrage of big bands.

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'Steep' Loves Its Mountains

// Moving Pixels

"SSX wanted you to fight its mountains, Steep wants you to love its mountains.

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