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Monday, January 24 2011

The Best Fiction of 2010

Tucked into this wide-ranging list of comics collections, retro-inspired literature and cross-overs, are glimmers of something sweet, something to temper the usual Literary Drearies we all love and appreciate. And that’s just the way it should be.

Wednesday, January 20 2010

PopMatters Picks: The Best of Books 2009: Fiction

More than half of the titles in this year’s selections offer grim portraits of the human condition, some with more wit and optimism than others, and a surprising number of legendary authors complete the portraiture and theme.

Thursday, September 3 2009

Airplane Books, Junk Literature, and the Western Canon: All Novels Are Lies, Some Lies Are Better

Reading deeply and widely at the very least makes us less dull and more patient, and it happens to be the only way to make informed, qualitative judgments within and across genres.

Thursday, October 27 2005

Beyond Boo!: The Case for Stephen King as Literature

'Decades from now, fans will unearth his tomes and savor their sensational scares the way we lord over Stoker's violent vamp, or Shelley's modern Prometheus.' Bill Gibron assesses the works of horror master, Stephen King.


Wednesday, May 8 2013

When Everything Changed: Memory, Nostalgia and the Tragic Turning Point

Popular culture creates its own nostalgic image of a time period that is both fact and fiction. When combined with the shaky foundations of our own memories, who can really tell what happened? How will pop culture translate the tragic events of today?

Monday, January 18 2010

Unfulfilled Desires, Fulfilled Nightmares

As the new millennium accelerates we witness our world consumed by an international economic crisis fueled by unrestricted consumption and greed. Hence, the relevance of Stephen King's 'Needful Things'.

Sunday, May 3 2009

Fighting the Flu

The mobilization of the military to control the spread of the current outbreak of a rare strain of the swine flu in Mexico City is right out of Stephen King’s The Stand.

Tuesday, March 4 2008

Standing by Stephen King

Childhood and the end of innocence are vividly portrayed in Stephen King's novella The Body, and Rob Reiner's excellent interpretation, Stand by Me.


Tuesday, June 24 2014

Stephen King, 'Mr. Mercedes', and Our Love of Literary Junk Food

Why can't a reader enjoy both Stephen King and Alice McDermott? Fancy Michelin critics have been known to go wild for Shake Shack, after all.

Thursday, February 2 2012

If You Could Change History, Would You? Should You? Stephen King's '11/22/63'

In imagining he has the right to kill another so that he can single-handedly change history, how different is Jake from the fanatical Oswald, who killed Kennedy to bolster his customized view of the world?

Tuesday, November 23 2010

'Full Dark, No Stars': In a Recession, No One Can Hear You Scream

In a version of America, post-economic collapse, the monster that haunts our dreams is no longer Pennywise the Clown. It's Don Draper.

Wednesday, May 12 2010

This is Reminiscent of Philip Roth's "The Great American Novel"

A novella (actually more of a long short story) about a player whose career has been literally erased.

Wednesday, December 9 2009

Under the Dome by Stephen King

Not even The Stand had so many major characters come to gruesome ends.


Wednesday, October 29 2014

12 Must-Have Songs for Your Halloween Playlist

Before you go out to your favorite haunted house or visit your favorite witchy woman, be sure to have the proper monster music handy.

Wednesday, April 9 2014

The 10 Stephen King Works That Should Be Made Into Movies

In celebration of his 40th year as a published author, we present these five unfilmed, and five already available Stephen King books that are crying out for a cinematic (re)configuration.

Monday, November 12 2012

Stephen King's Debt to Horror Comics

Crusty old horror comics have played a significant role in the work of author Stephen King.

Tuesday, July 19 2011

Wizards, Glass, and Computer Chips: What 'The Dark Tower' Can Teach Us About Gaming's Fourth Wall

A few idiosyncratic passages from the cult classic series by Stephen King may have a lot to say about ludic point-of-view.


Monday, June 17 2013

In Stephen King’s New Horror House, It’s the Everyday Eeriness That Grips

When it comes to Stephen King, I’m partial to the smaller efforts: novellas, short novels, experiments, the quieter, more interior stuff. It’s not

Thursday, January 26 2012

Stephen King knows us all too well

On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, I spent half an hour or so discussing Stephen King with my colleague David Lazarus on Patt

Thursday, December 23 2010

Oscar-winning director Ron Howard wants to adapt film trilogy and TV series

LOS ANGELES — The creations of Stephen King have been keeping people up at night for decades, but Ron Howard has been losing sleep lately for

Tuesday, November 17 2009

Self-proclaimed 'lazy' author Stephen King releases his 51st novel

"You know, I'm a lazy son of a gun." So says Stephen King: a man who just published a story in the New Yorker and

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