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Never One for Striped Trousers: Talking Shop with Steve Howe
7 May 2014 // 8:30 PM

Steve Howe and his Yes bandmates are obviously driven by a desire, perhaps an obsession, to measure up favorably, and to improve upon what they’ve already achieved.

Old Country Comfort: How the British Might Save American Music (Again)
16 Oct 2011 // 4:00 PM

The British saved rock 'n' roll, reignited the blues, and may just make country music more American.


Steve Howe: Anthology
23 Apr 2015 // 8:02 PM

Anthology serves its purpose -- that is, to compile Howe’s solo stock and spotlight him outside the confines of his day job.

Steve Howe: Time
16 May 2012 // 5:00 PM

Steve Howe, Paul K. Joyce and orchestra have made a beautiful album together, but there's definitely room for other things to happen here.


Prog-rock guitarist Steve Howe does double duty with Yes and Asia
6 Jul 2009 // 10:52 PM

Steve Howe had gotten distracted again. "What's the word again? 'Taxing'?" We were chatting by phone a few hours before Michael Jackson died. Howe, the

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In Motion: On the Emptiness of Progress

// Moving Pixels

"Nils Pihl calls it, "Newtonian engagement", that is, when "an engaged player will remain engaged until acted upon by an outside force". That's "progress".

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