Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Solos, Sessions & Encores
7 Jan 2008 // 4:00 PM

The late, great Texas guitar god’s collaborative efforts with a diverse array of friends, family, and admirers are finally compiled together, with decent results.

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride and Joy [DVD]
4 Nov 2007 // 4:00 PM

It's anyone's guess how much rewatchability some of Vaughan's videos have, but Pride and Joy is a pretty thorough collection of what's out there.


Stevie Ray Vaughan: 20 Years After "The Day Music Died" Again
27 Aug 2010 // 12:00 AM

Stevie Ray Vaughan died just as 'In Step' was signaling a major musical departure for an artist who showed every intention of being around long enough to change the landscape of rock and blues several times over.

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Culture Belongs to the Alien in 'Spirits of Xanadu'

// Moving Pixels

"The symbols that the artifact in Spirits of Xanadu uses are esoteric -- at least for the average Western gamer. It is Chinese culture reflected back at us through the lens of alien understanding.

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