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Shock to Your System: An Interview with Tegan and Sara
12 Feb 2013 // 5:10 PM

Initially, fans were understandably skeptical about Tegan and Sara's big mainstream makeover for Heartthrob -- and then they heard it.

Part 3: From Porcupine Tree to Wye Oak
26 Jan 2010 // 4:00 PM

Slipped Discs continues with Norwegian electro pop, lots of Scottish pop goodness, two rock institutions, a Soviet born chanteuse and many more. All records that missed our top 60 list last year.


Tegan and Sara: Love You to Death
28 Jun 2016 // 9:20 PM

Three years after their unlikely ascent into synthpop stardom, Tegan and Sara continue down the same path with minor shifts to their thematic compass.

Tegan and Sara: Heartthrob
29 Jan 2013 // 5:06 PM

Tegan and Sara have steadily grown as artists, and their current effort Heartthrob is the best of their career.


Tegan and Sara Tease 'Love You to Death' With Short Intimate Tour (Photos)
11 May 2016 // 8:00 AM

Tegan and Sara's recent intimate shows allowed hardcore fans a chance to taste their forthcoming album Love You to Death and see them quip vivaciously back and forth.

Tegan and Sara - "I’m Not Your Hero" (stream)
22 Oct 2012 // 12:07 AM

Tegan and Sara share their second song from the upcoming early 2013 album, 'Heartthrob'.


Tegan and Sara Honed Their Pop Songs With Care, and People Noticed
6 Jun 2016 // 4:02 AM

Like so much of the best pop, Tegan and Sara's music balances universality and specificity.

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Culture Belongs to the Alien in 'Spirits of Xanadu'

// Moving Pixels

"The symbols that the artifact in Spirits of Xanadu uses are esoteric -- at least for the average Western gamer. It is Chinese culture reflected back at us through the lens of alien understanding.

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