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The Beatles


Thursday, February 5 2015

1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music

The year 1965 saw many musical developments, a significant one of which is Brian Wilson's development from poet laureate of high school to baroque visionary.

Sunday, August 24 2014

“No Complaints”: An Interview with Pete Best, the Original Drummer of the Beatles

Despite missing out on being one of the Fab Four, Pete Best is as happy as ever: "I have no complaints, I’ve enjoyed life. Wouldn’t change anything."

Thursday, October 11 2012

Reconsidering the Beatles at Their Psych Height with ‘Magical Mystery Tour’

Even with all of the incredibly strong material which continued to stretch out what was possible with pop music, the U.S. version of Magical Mystery Tour is never really given the love it deserves. The album represents not just the height of their psych phase but also the end of it.

Monday, February 27 2012

Bill Frisell on John Lennon: Talking About 'All We Are Saying'

The unique jazz guitarist talks about All We Are Saying -- his recent cover album of 16 John Lennon tunes -- as well as how the Beatles changed his life, and how back in the day, owning an instrument meant you were automatically in a band.

Thursday, October 27 2011

The Beatles in Hamburg: The Stories, the Scene and How It All Began

When the Beatles went to Hamburg in 1960, in the company of gangsters and prostitutes they changed their sound, wore black leather, lost their bass player, sacked their drummer, developed a vast repertoire of raucous rock ’n’ roll songs, and fashioned a new hairstyle.


Monday, January 12 2015

The Act You've Known for All These Years: Covering 'Sgt. Pepper'

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band may be the most overanalysed, overexposed album in history. In light of the Flaming Lips' affectionate reimagining, can the inescapable masterpiece ever be surpassed?

Sunday, October 16 2011

Old Country Comfort: How the British Might Save American Music (Again)

The British saved rock 'n' roll, reignited the blues, and may just make country music more American.

Tuesday, July 13 2010

Fooled by Skepticism

Skepticism has been fueling pop culture for decades. Just ask John Lennon or Pete Townshend. Lately it’s just been fooling pop culture about science.

Tuesday, October 26 2004

Now He's 64: A Late Lennon Landmark

Sixty-four-year-olds aren't what they used to be, and if John Lennon were still alive, he would probably not be living the quaint parlour scene played out in McCartney's ditty.


Tuesday, March 31 2015

Ringo Starr: Postcards From Paradise

Ringo sings praises to the past with obvious nods to nostalgia.

Tuesday, July 29 2014

Paul McCartney: 16 July 2014 - Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri

Paul McCartney commanded the stage in Kansas City with an astonishing degree of seemingly effortless finesse. A most glorious concert.

Wednesday, July 9 2014

In 'A Hard Day's Night', Trifle Becomes Transcendent

Silly plot aside, the real attraction to A Hard Day’s Night is the music and the way it is presented.

Tuesday, July 9 2013

'Help!': Overlook the Plot, Stay for the Music

Help! is two films in one -- and if you can tolerate the first, you're bound to enjoy the second.

Sunday, November 11 2012

Epistles of John: 'The John Lennon Letters'

"Containing only the work of JW Lennon, with additional work by JW Lennon and a helping hand from JW Lennon, not forgetting JW Lennon. Who is this JW Lennon?" -- from one of John Lennon's childhood documents.


Friday, January 16 2015

Counterbalance: The Beatles’ A Hard Day's Night

If I fell in love with you, 223rd most acclaimed album of all time, would you promise to be true—and help me understand? The Beatles' all-Lennon/McCartney LP from 1964 is this week's Counterbalance.

Thursday, November 20 2014

Paul McCartney’s Ten Greatest Live Performances

With a career as illustrious as Sir McCartney's, it is no surprise that these ten performances hit it as far out of the park as they do.

Monday, November 10 2014

In His Own Write: John Lennon's Life in Lyrics

More so than any other member of the Beatles, John Lennon wrote about himself. Through his songwriting, he described nearly every aspect of his personal life in a way that no professional biographer could.

Tuesday, July 8 2014

Paul McCartney - "Early Days" (video)

Sir Paul McCartney has released another video from his most recent studio effort, New, the folksy "Early Days".

Tuesday, July 8 2014

Ringo Starr: The Most Animated Beatle

Let’s celebrate Ringo Starr’s 74th birthday with cartoons.

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Tuesday, March 31 2015

Ringo Starr Focuses on the Next Move

A day before Ringo Starr’s new solo album, “Postcards From Paradise,” was slated for release, the former Beatle was at the hub of a frenzy of activity. He bounded from one room to the next in his top-floor suite at a West Hollywood hotel, hustling through a string of interviews.

Tuesday, July 8 2014

Beatles’ ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ gets fab 50th anniversary makeover

Given the sacrosanct aura that’s developed around pretty much everything to do with the Beatles over the past half-century, it seems unbelievable that anything

Wednesday, January 8 2014

Eurythmics Reunite for Feb. 9 50th Anniversary Beatles TV Special

LOS ANGELES — Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are slated to come together and perform once again as the Eurythmics for a segment on the CBS-TV

Friday, January 11 2013

‘Love Me Do’ Now in the Public Domain, But the Law Is About to Change

PHILADELPHIA — You’re going to hear sooner or later, and feel rather old when you do: The Beatles’ first single, “Love Me Do,” is now

Thursday, November 15 2012

For the Beatles, a Long and Winding Road Back to Vinyl

LOS ANGELES — The prime directive in returning the Beatles’ album catalog to vinyl is ridiculously simple. Sean Magee, the Abbey Road recording studio engineer who


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