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The 100 Greatest Alternative Singles of the '80s: Part 1: 100 - 81
27 Sep 2015 // 9:02 PM

Beginning today and continuing all week, we present one critic's best punk, post-punk, new wave, college rock, underground, modern rock, goth, industrial, new romantic, ska, power pop, hardcore, and indie rock of the '80s.

Special Beat Service: An Interview with the English Beat
23 Aug 2012 // 6:12 PM

Though disappointed with UK football, English Beat frontman Dave Wakeling is excited about The Complete Beat , a five-disc box set. He chats about that, touring with the Clash, and the prevalence of reggae.


'The English Beat Live at The US Festival'
19 Sep 2012 // 6:10 PM

Tellingly, the Beat's debut US Festival appearance occurred on the cusp of the New British Invasion.

The English Beat: The Complete Beat / Keep the Beat: the Very Best of the English Beat
2 Jul 2012 // 6:06 PM

Two new compilations explore the politics of echo.


Interview: The English Beat [SXSW 2008]
25 Mar 2008 // 10:24 PM

Ska beats and politically charged lyrics -- two great things that taste great together. Just ask Dave Wakeling, touring once again with the English Beat.


After 30 years, the English Beat goes on
4 Feb 2009 // 7:51 PM

The English Beat still just can't stop it. Though it's been 27 years since its last album, "Special Beat Service," featuring the classics "I Confess" and

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TIFF 2017: 'The Shape of Water'

// Notes from the Road

"The Shape of Water comes off as uninformed political correctness, which is more detrimental to its cause than it is progressive.

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