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Make It Clear: A Conversation With Feelies' Co-Founder Glenn Mercer
19 Feb 2017 // 8:30 PM

Glenn Mercer talks about the latest in a long line of releases from The Feelies, In Between.

The 50 Best Post-Punk Albums Ever: Part 2, The B-52's to Magazine
23 Jan 2017 // 8:00 PM

This week we are celebrating the best post-punk albums of all-time and today we have part two with the Cure, Mission of Burma, the B-52's and more.


The Feelies: Only Life / Time for a Witness
10 Mar 2016 // 8:20 PM

The Feelies remain one of America’s great underground bands. These re-releases of their two “late” major label records are a necessary reminder.

The Feelies: Here Before
12 Apr 2011 // 4:00 PM

Like that elderly woman behind the counter in a small town, the Feelies changed by not changing at all.


The Feelies, Reconsidered
2 Dec 2009 // 9:00 PM

After a short chat with Feelies co-chairman Glenn Mercer, co-leader of The Feelies, writer Kieran Curran started thinking about the seminal rock band's place in our modern times...


Time has no hold on the reconstituted Feelies
5 Jul 2009 // 11:52 PM

Like the band's 1986 song "Slipping (Into Something)," the Feelies have a tendency to sneak up on people, then disappear. In the song, the guitars surge,

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On Truth and Dark Turns in 'Tickled'

// Short Ends and Leader

"The tickling wormhole seems to be getting deeper...

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