The Miles Davis Quintet
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The Miles Davis Quintet: Steamin
12 Nov 2007 // 4:00 PM

Excessive praise has the unfortunate effect of seeming fatuous, but there's nothing at all fatuous about these records.

The Miles Davis Quintet: Reissues
1 Mar 2007 // 3:00 PM

Three RVG reissues -- two of them stone classics, one a bit wobbly -- featuring a young John Coltrane.


Five Guys or, the Greatest Band of All Time (No, Really)
9 Jun 2010 // 2:00 AM

Aside from John Coltrane's classic quartet, there is no jazz band that can hold a candle to the second Miles Davis quintet.

The Complete Miles Davis Columbia Collection (stream)
23 Nov 2009 // 12:01 AM

In celebration of Miles Davis’ 30 plus year stint with Columbia Records, Columbia/Legacy present Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection. Exclusive to,

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Treasuring Memories of Paul McCartney on 'One on One' Tour

// Notes from the Road

"McCartney welcomed Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt out for a song at Madison Square Garden.

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