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Enough with the Biopic: A Re-Examination of Cinema’s Least Interesting Genre
4 Jan 2015 // 11:59 PM

Life-spanning biopics are still the ultimate Oscar bait in 2014. Here’s hoping that no one will be biting in the future.

The 100 Essential Directors Part 4: Samuel Fuller - John Huston
11 Aug 2011 // 4:00 PM

On our fourth day, this journey through the 100 Essential Film Directors continues to twist and turn in unexpected ways. From bold, opinionated Hollywood voices to those who essentially created the language of cinema, today will shed light on kings of genre like Samuel Fuller, through lions like the legendary John Huston.


I’m Not There, and Neither Are You
8 Sep 2008 // 5:00 PM

The Bob Dylan film, I’m Not There, shows that the main puzzle behind pop music’s most enigmatic personality resides right here, within us all.


'Safe' Is Often Lost in a World of Ideas
9 Jan 2015 // 1:00 AM

Julianne Moore's evocative performance aside, Safe often feels designed specifically for film-studies interpretation, without its own soul.

She Was Always Chasing Rainbows: 'Mildred Pierce: Collector's Edition"
26 Jan 2012 // 3:00 PM

Foregoing the pulpy essence of the 1945 version for a raw naturalism, this miniseries is a brilliant time portal. It's Madame Bovary with rayon stockings and a strong work ethic.


The 10 Best Non-Horror Horror Films for a Halloween Hangover
4 Nov 2014 // 6:34 AM

There are only 364 days left until next Halloween, so get prepared to face the real horrors of the world with these ten titles.


Director Todd Haynes rediscovers Bob Dylan
25 Nov 2007 // 7:42 PM

NEW YORK -- It was in the year 2000 that filmmaker Todd Haynes rediscovered Bob Dylan all over again. "I had always admired Dylan -- I


The Best and Worst Films of Spring 2015

// Short Ends and Leader

"January through April is a time typically made up of award season leftovers, pre-summer spectacle, and more than a few throwaways. Here are PopMatters' choices for the best and worst of the last four months.

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