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Wes Craven


Monday, August 5 2013

'Swamp Thing' Rises out of the Swamps for a Blu-ray that Is Better than the Sum of Its Parts

Swamp Thing' may be more of a rubber monster creature feature than a truly accurate comic book adaptation, but with cast and creator interviews and other great extras, this combo is a treat for fans of the movie and the graphic novels.

Thursday, January 24 2013

'Deadly Blessing' Is Wes Craven's Misstep on the Way to Elm Street

Sharon Stone wears lingerie and other things happen. This one's for Wes Craven completists only.

Sunday, October 2 2011

'Scream 4': Another Stab at an Aging Franchise... and It Draws Blood

Wes Craven once again gets the audience on his side, this time doing a postmodern take-down of postmodern take-downs.

Thursday, April 14 2011

'Scream 4'... You See Everything Coming

The Screams have always focused on the grisly business of turning horror into entertainment, and predictable entertainment at that.

Thursday, August 18 2005

Red Eye (2005)

Tough, ingenious, and completely fun to watch, Lisa makes the narrative absurdities seem largely irrelevant.


Thursday, September 4 2014

'Room 237' and The History of Cinematic Representations of Cinephilia

Room 237 is one of the only films that respects and even admires cinephilia and its various forms.

Tuesday, October 29 2013

The 13 Greatest Horror Directors of All Time

In honor of Halloween, here are 13 fascinating fright mavens who've made scary movies that much more meaningful.

Friday, August 16 2013

'Swamp Thing' Is the Superhero Movie's Awkward Middle Child

That anything remotely watchable - and, indeed, that's what this likeable lark is - resulted is a testament to the talents involved.

Friday, October 21 2011

It's Only a Movie?: 'Last House on the Left' (Blu-ray)

(F)ew could have anticipated the impact the late David Hess would have. Without him Last House on the Left would not be a horror classic. With him, it definitely is.

Friday, October 7 2011

'Scream 4' Overstays Its Welcome, Even on DVD

Instead of playing it really smart and finding a way to make the core aspects of Scream work for a far more sophisticated and savvy cult, the movie backpedals, only to eventually fall off the edge of its own relevance

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Tuesday, April 12 2011

I 'Scream,' you 'Scream,' we all 'Scream' for Wes Craven

ST. LOUIS — Horror movie fans haven't had much to scream about lately, but that may be about to change. With "Scream 4," which opens Friday, director

Wednesday, March 21 2007

Horror maestro likes to work significant themes into his stories

Wes Craven Audiences who think they see parallels between "The Hills Have Eyes 2" and the war in Iraq aren't imagining things. Writer-producer Wes Craven believes

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